LIMITED EDITION Gold Glitter Sparkle Wrap Self-Tie Headwrap

$ 12.00 $ 20.00

This 100% cotton non-stretch wrap is a staple in any little lady's wardrobe. Traditionally used as a headwrap, it can also be worn as a belt or a neck tie! These come untied so you can adjust the size to your child's head. Ties in a bow for little heads and a knot for big kids - adults.

What makes ours different from other wraps? Our wraps are hand stitched with a hidden closure so you'll never see the stitches. This takes extra time and love, but we feel it sets us apart from other shops. Our wraps are also about 20" longer than other wraps on the market, which allows you to wear it more ways!

Measures approx 60"

Comes unwrapped (does not stretch).

This wrap is gold glitter with gold sequin ends.

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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